31 January 2008

More photos, as promised

This is right at the beginning of the wedding. I'm sorry I can't remember the groomsmen's names, or those of the bridesmaids, but they all looked wonderful and did a great job. A-M's dad is also in this one, looking as proud as punch.

This is A-M welcoming us all and introducing the main players.

This is The Cake. R was trying to do something Architectural (I think) with it.

It actually kind of worked.

I love a good frock shot.

And a good frock!

Still to come: trains. And our Overland Experience on the way home. And some sock photos.

29 January 2008

Adelaide is definitely OK!

Except for the water, which tastes like you're "taking the cure" at Bad Awfulberg.

We'll be back, sometime in the future, definitely. There's far more to see and do than we managed.

What we went over for: the wedding of the two adults in this picture.

The adults are Anne-Maree, my work friend, and Reuben. The not-adult is Mia, Reuben's daughter from a previous relationship.

She sang for them at the W-word (I'm not allowed to use that one, or the H-word, or the other W-word, or the B-word or the G-word either). It was a very pretty song and she did a damn good job of it.

It was definitely one of the better W-words I've been to, and I feel really honoured to have been invited.

The weather on the W-word Day was perfick - about 27 degrees (the previous 2 days were mid-30's and I was not happy). The W Ceremony was in the Botanic Gardens and the reception was at an Indian restaurant, where the food was the best.

A-M's mum made the cake, and Reuben architected the decorating. I'll put up a photie and the full length Frock photie after I edit them properly.

Mr P and I made up 25% of a party of 8 - 5 of A-M's colleagues and 3 partners. We stayed at the Plaza Hotel on Hindley St, which appears to be Party Central:

Notice the grape vines. There are grape vines everywhere in Adelaide.

The hotel is a funny old place, a mixture of "proper" hotel rooms for hire by the night and residential rooms.

Our room was sort of a mini-suite: there was a kind of anteroom with a wardrobe, a desk and 2 chairs, then through an archway there was the bedroom with 1 double and 1 single bed, then off that the bathroom, which was the full width of the bedroom. For the location, and the timing (the W was competing with the Test match against India and the Tour Down Under bicycle race), I think we did OK at $85 per room per night.

Still to come: our day at the National Railway Museum, and lots of photos of trains. And maybe some more wedding photos!

24 January 2008

Naughty blogger me!

I knew it had been a while, but didn't realise how long! Ooops.

Happy New Year, Happy Oz Day, and happy weddin' to A-M and R!

We're off to Radelaide for the weekend for the wedding, so I've got no excuse for not blogging when I return because - I'll actually be doing something over the weekend.

Flying there tomorrow lunchtime, getting the Overlander train back Monday, which will take all day. The Wedding is on Sunday, and it should be lovely.