30 December 2007

Almost the end of the year!

Hmm, over 2 weeks since last posting. What has happened?

Weirdness with Mother Ship continues. We are not exactly sure WTF is going on. I think this is their Cunning Plan.

Crimbo happened! I was on evening shift last week, s
o I had to work Crimbo and Boxo evenings. Crimbo brought me an iPod Classique - yay!, chox, an Oxfam-CAA goat, sundry other bits and bobs, and five ambulances' worth of people with "abdo pains". Hello! Perhaps you ATE TOO MUCH.

Boxo brought the crazy at work - four first psych episodes and 2 suicide attempts. It's not just me that doesn't care much for Crimbo.

ADO tomorrow, for which hooray! And then working NYDay, because why not take out the public holiday trifecta?

And now, some pix:

Finished feets!

Normal histology, in the sunshine, with added succulents.

And one Alice's Illusion Sock. See the pussycat?

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