26 November 2007

It's time.

What a day, what a night, what an Election Night it was!

After watching Honest Johnny concede, and Kevin '07 accept, we decided it was time.

Time to get into the T-shirts (Fight Workchoices for me, and an "It's Time" reprint for Mr P).

Time to go into the city.

Time to go to the John Curtin Hotel (which was, unfortunately, shut).

Time to look across the road to Trades Hall, where the big chalkboard said "Election Night Party! Bar Open Until 3 a.m.!) and the bar was packed.

Time to dance in the revolution.

Time to be part of the mighty crowd, to sing:

There is power in a union.

I am still on a great wave of high. Thanks, Australia.


Vicki (silkangel) said...

just discovered your blog through ravelry. Love your post. The fact that Kevin got in says that many Australians agree with your comments and I am one of them. I am also an ex Melbournian, I live in Brissy now. We celbrated too! Yey for the change.

Damo said...

At least I can now put the sticker I have been saving up for eleven (?) years on the car bumper...

"Don't blame me, I voted Liberal"

Darrow said...

Hey there young man - just wait until the first serious gaffe ploise!

(BTW, don't blame us either - we actually voted Greens)